Bakers’ Blend Issue 8 Out Now!

Bakers’ Blend Issue 8 Out Now!

Hello all, 

With the summer holidays well and truly underway I hope that everyone is managing to enjoy a little sunshine by now.

It’s definitely all about the brownie this month as we have a fantastic offer price from Ireks on their 12.5kg pack size of brownie mix while The Chocolate Academy have kindly provided us with a fantastic recipe for chocolate brownies with 20% less sugar, using Callebaut’s eclipse milk chocolate. 

Chocolate remains a popular theme for Macphie this month with 15% off their Mississippi muffin or cake mixes which are also available in plain or toffee flavours.

For indulgent, all butter baked goods look no further than Baker and Baker who have £3 off a delicious range of frozen, ready to bake luxury flapjacks and shortbread.

Filled baked goods are always a popular choice and who can resist a vanilla slice using perfect, cold set custards from Zeelandia; once again at a reduced price these are definitely worth stocking up on. 

For a fruity filling you can’t go wrong with John Morley red cherry filling or traditional mincemeat both of which are on special offer this month.

Renshaw also have deals on two delicious mac pastes which provide amazing versatility for baking an array of sweet products. 

Of course bakery is not all about sweet treats and in Monthly Insight this issue we compare business trends in both the sweet and savoury sectors.

Savoury is definitely the trend for Golden Bake with their new mini jambons while Wrights, this month, have a tempting range of new pies and slices which are not only delicious but are vegan too. To cater for this growing, vegan trend Carotino have a great deal on Baker’s Friend, the vegan friendly alternative to butter or margarine, at less than £28 per 12.5kg pack.

We might still be in the grip of summer but as time flies so fast it’s always useful to get ahead of the game. With this in mind Dawn Foods have launched details of their Halloween products including everything you could possibly need to create the spookiest of treats. Simply visit their website for scary recipes and sweet ingredients for terrifying bakes and don’t forget to check out our own special offers on Halloween decorations to ensure your seasonal display turns heads. 

As always, thank you for your support and enjoy the rest of the summer

Martin Humphrey, Managing Director

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