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Walker Humphrey Powering their own future

Leading wholesale and distributor of catering and bakery supplies Walker Humphrey has invested in the future energy security of the company by installing a solar PV system on its unused roof space at their Sherburn based head office.

The solar panels are now connected to the grid and generating solar electricity. They will produce enough to meet energy demands of the building and future investment in Freezer system that will expand the already successful company.

The system will enable Walker Humphrey to reduce its carbon emissions by 21.9 tons per year, they will also save over 50% of their energy costs.

Green Yorkshire Solar installed the system without any disruption to the day to day workings of the companies’ operation making it a simple and attractive proposition to Managing Director Martin Humphrey :

“As a company we are always looking at way to improve our business, controlling our costs is always at the fore front of my thoughts. Moving our operation to a larger unit has allowed us growth, but to take it to the next level we have been looking at adding a cold store to increase the number of products we can offer our customers . The solar panels will not only control the cost of electrical bills but also generate us a profit that we can reinvest back in to the business.

James Elston Managing Director of Green Yorkshire Solar commented: “We applaud Walker Humphrey for taking a long-term view of its energy needs and demonstrating a genuine commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The system gives Walker Humphrey a stable source of cheap energy for the next 30 years, reducing reliance on costly grid energy. The money it will save on its energy bills can be re-invested in the company – and the solar installation is also a savvy use of roof space that would otherwise be unused.”

Walker Humphrey rooftop solar system is an example of how solar can dramatically change an industrial building, into an innovative clean power station. Walker Humphrey now sits alongside a host of leading global brands, including Marks and Spencer’s, Apple and Google that have installed solar. By taking control of their energy needs, these companies are also reducing their energy bills and limiting their environmental impact.

Martin Humphrey Added: “The solar installation is part of a range of initiatives we plan to save on our energy bills and reduce our carbon footprint. We believe that being a profitable business does not have to be at the expense of the environment. The solar panels will help us to reduce our carbon emissions and demonstrates to our customers that we’re genuinely committed to limiting the environmental impact of our operations.

Working with Green Yorkshire Solar was smooth – their experience was clear right from the outset, with the design, construction and commissioning of the system all executed efficiently, with minimal disruption to daily operations.”