Fabulous Team Effort

Fabulous Team Effort

I am always very proud of the teamwork displayed by everyone at WH and cannot let this month pass without giving a huge thank you to colleagues from various departments who have worked together to complete the mammoth task of a stocktake.

This was organised by our Operations Manager, David Lunn, who completed the preparation and management of the stocktake with six teams of two people working on the physical stock count. A fantastic team effort by Rob, Mick, Chris, Tom, Craig, Stew, Dan, Karl, Jamie and Jordan ensured that the entire task was completed within one day, something that has never been achieved before.

A big thank you goes to Dan, our Purchasing Manager and Daisy in purchase ledger who managed the admin side of the stock take to show a discrepancy of only £379.00 (0.07%) on 552K.

However, credit and thanks must be given to David Lunn for his constant dedication to making improvements to the stock taking process for the teams over the last few years along with Warehouse Supervisor Chris McNamara who is responsible for improvements in the warehouse layout and also was involved in the preparation of the stock take.

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