Help us Beat COVID-19 (Important Information Regarding Cash Handling)

Help us Beat COVID-19 (Important Information Regarding Cash Handling)

Over the last seven months we have been bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information regarding COVID-19 and, like everyone else, we would love for things to be able to return to normal.

However, there is unfortunately, a new normal to deal with at the moment and it is important that everyone plays a part in helping to beat the virus. 

Here at Walker Humphrey we have taken many steps with safety in mind but despite this we still need Your Help. Many of our valued customers pay for their goods in cash and as I am sure you can imagine these physical transactions need further processing which may add unnecessary risk to yourselves and our staff.

Therefore, we are kindly asking you to pay for goods by any other means than cash. We accept debit / credit card, bank transfer and for the time being, payments by cheque (certain credit conditions apply). If you already receive your invoices via email you can also pay using the ‘simply sage pay now’ option at the bottom of the invoice. 

Should you have absolutely no alternative but to pay by cash the following restrictions are in place: We will no longer accept bags of coins, however small change will be accepted up to the value of £5 to enable the invoice to be paid in full; all other denominations must be in notes.

Walker Humphrey would like to thank you all for your continued business during these difficult times and appreciate your understanding of the need for these changes.

Keep safe and remember… Hands / Face / Space

Julie Rennison, Finance Manager

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