It’s Goodbye From Gerry

I never thought in February 2011 when Martin asked if I would be interested in a sales role with Walker Humphrey that, almost eight years down the line, I would be writing this newsletter as a retiring Sales Director! And what an eight years it has been!

I have had the privilege of being part of an exceptional team….in fact the best team that I have worked with in over 30 years in bakery sales, and have seen the company mature and grow into the wonderful business it is today. Walker Humphrey have not only achieved phenomenal sales growth but, more importantly, the company has maintained excellence in customer services, storage, distribution and product sourcing, alongside the management of some very ambitious expansion plans. This has all been possible due to the fantastic leadership and teamwork displayed by all of the Walker Humphrey staff.

I first came into the bakery industry by accident. Aged 14 and on my way to school on the number 12 bus, I noticed a sign in Mathers Bakery shop window…..’Saturday boy/girl wanted for cleaning bread trays…apply within’. I thought to myself that the job would probably pay more than my paper round so I got off the bus, (thus making myself late for school) went in the shop and got the job! It did pay more than the paper round and after a few weeks I was going in at 6am to help in the bakery before starting my bread tray cleaning duties. I enjoyed it so much that when I left school, aged 16, I began working there full time and started a day release course at Thomas Danby College to learn the finer art of bread making and confectionery. This was great for a few years and when I was lucky enough to meet and marry the lovely Lynn, life couldn’t get any better! Roll the clock on a few years and I eventually got into bakery sales, beginning my career with national bakery ingredient wholesaler, Bako, where I worked for nearly 20 years before joining the Walker Humphrey family in early 2011.

Many people have asked ‘Won’t you get bored being retired after working all these years?’ I am sure the lovely Lynn and my family and friends will keep me busy (along with a few holidays) and I am hoping I can answer a resounding ‘NO!’ to the above question. ‘What will you miss the most?’ is another question asked. Well that is easy to answer….it is you our fantastic customers, many of whom have become close friends over the years and my brilliant work colleagues at Walker Humphrey.

Just to finish I would like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to you all, customers and colleagues alike and wish you all a peaceful and relaxing Christmas, and a very prosperous New Year.

Kindest Regards,


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