January is Veganuary

January is Veganuary

Vegan Products

Vegan products have seen a huge surge in popularity during 2018 with many people making a conscious decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle. More information is now available for consumers and media reports have helped to increase public awareness about this growing trend. 

Traditionally it has been very difficult for bakers to make products for the vegan market, with large amounts of confectionery containing eggs or dairy. However, with an increase in veganism of 360% over the past decade, demonstrated last year when almost 170,000 people took part in vegan January (Veganuary), manufacturers have taken notice and a huge range of suitable products are now available Below is a selection of products that we are able to supply which are suitable for vegans.

Puratos Vegan Satin Creme Mixes

In 2018 Puratos launched vegan versions of their classic satin range, with the addition of soya milk, water, oil and plant based glycerine everyone can now enjoy satins. Available in plain and chocolate these highly robust and versatile products are perfect for all sorts of confectionery applications.

Macphie Vegan Frostings

The chocolate and plain vegan frostings, from Macphie, are the actual icing on the vegan cake. Fully vegan certified these frostings are ready-to-use and perfect on top of vegan and non-vegan traybakes, cupcakes and muffins.

Macphie Vegan Muffin/Cake Mixes

An incredibly versatile and easy to use set of mixes, only requiring the addition of oil, glycerine and water. Macphie had these mixes fully vegan certified, which will give your customer another level of reassurance. The mixes can make muffins, traybakes, loaf cakes and celebration cakes and is available in both chocolate and plain.

Baker’s Friend

Looking for a vegan cake margarine but with butter-like flavour? Then look no further. Baker’s Friend is a multi-purpose ingredient designed to replace butter, margarine and vegetable fat across a wide range of applications. Baker’s friend is indistinguishable from butter in end products and can be used in cakes, pastries, biscuits and many other baked goods. When used in place of butter, Baker’s friend should also offer you a noticeable cost saving.

Bakels Lemon Cream

Bakels lemon cream filling is a perfect inclusion for giving your products a new twist. A bake-stable filling suitable for hot or cold applications, Bakels lemon cream can be piped into muffins, swirled into cheesecakes or layered onto a traybake. Whatever you choose to do with it it’s sure to impress.

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