New Products This April…

New Products This April…


As we welcome April, hopefully it will bring plenty of sunshine along with its eponymous showers. With Easter fast approaching, hopefully your seasonal production is in full swing but if not, we have plenty of new lines to offer you lots of inspiration.

You can’t talk about Easter without mentioning chocolate but with healthy eating a major trend and reduced sugar targets for 2020, it seems harder than ever to encourage customers to indulge. This is where Ecl1pse from Barry Callebaut comes in. Ecl1pse only has 1% added sugar, but with double the cocoa and milk content of other milk chocolates, Ecl1pse is darker, smoother and creamier than any other milk chocolate. It is suitable for most applications where milk chocolate would normally be used including a full range of bakery, patisserie and confectionery where a reduction in sugar may be required.

Toffee is another confectionery favourite with its traditional taste having a cross generational appeal. We are now offering Bake-Stable Toffee Pieces; these 2-10mm pieces remain chewy after baking to give products an authentic texture. Perfect for baking into shortbreads or cookies, as well as many other recipes they come in a handy 5kg pack size. More information can be found on our WH monthly offers’ page.

If we didn’t have enough confectionery already, Puratos have recently launched five new lines for this summer. Two new limited-edition Satin Crème Cake MixesSummer Berries and Buckwheat are available alongside classic favourites such as chocolate, lemon, and toffee. Puratos have also added to their Topfil range with new Blackcurrant and Hibiscus, which seems to draw inspiration from summer iced teas and, to truly evoke summer, the classic combination of flavours usually accompanying Pimms, Strawberry, Cucumber and Mint. Finally, Puratos have introduced a new Scone Mix to their line-up. This mix, with buttery notes is in fact suitable for vegans but still has the classic taste and texture we are all familiar with.

If you ever want a new product, please feel free to contact myself or your customer service representative to discuss your requirements.

Dan Watson, Purchasing Manager

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