New Products This January

New Products This January


With the New Year finally here, what better time than to bring you some new products?

2019 will see WH begin working with Bridor, manufacturers of fine, Viennese pastries. Bridor’s all butter pastries use flour sourced only from local millers, however, it’s not just the use of high-quality ingredients that Bridor pride themselves on as, when it comes to manufacturing, Bridor understands the importance of taking their time. With all doughs having a slow kneading and a long proofing time Bridor ensure a consistently excellent end product.

We are excited to launch a small but inclusive range to begin with but have plans to introduce more products throughout the year. Our initial, ready to bake range includes; Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Pain aux Raisin, and Cinnamon Swirls. For more information on the full range keep your eye out for the Bridor feature later on in Bakers’ Blend. 

Keen to offer you more options for healthy eating as well as keeping up to date with current food trends this issue also includes information on a selection of vegan products that we are delighted to be able to supply.

If there is ever a new product you would like us to provide, please feel free to contact myself or your customer service representative to discuss your needs.

Dan Watson, Purchasing Manager

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