Our best of 2019…

Our best of 2019…

Wow! It really doesn’t seem a year since I started writing this column, all the way back in January. Since then I have brought you well over 40 products, some were well received and others not so; it’s a good job I don’t claim to be perfect! As it is now December, I thought we would revisit five of the best products we have launched in 2019. 

Firstly, we have the Mini Ham & Cheese Jambon which joined its bigger brother in our savoury lineup. These 35g puff pastry parcels are perfect for a mini snack, in a buffet selection or for picnics. Look out for them on our back page.

Another line, perfect for Christmas buffets is the Wrights Mini Cake Assortment. This thaw and serve selection is ideal for afternoon teas as well and has something for everyone including mini versions of the classic favourites: Chocolate Eclairs, Finger Doughnuts, Fruit Scones, Carrot Cakes, Chocolate Brownies, Custard Slices and Cheesecake Slices.

Back in June we bought you Callebaut’s Ruby Chocolate RB1.  A new type of chocolate, from the ruby cocoa bean, its fruity and fresh flavor, paired with its pink colour makes it perfect for reinventing classic products, as demonstrated by our Ruby Tiffin. Ruby chocolate was one of the tastes of 2019 and is on special offer in a 2.5kg pack this month.

It was only last month we added a Christmas Sandwich Filling to our fresh sandwich filling range. Packed with turkey breast, sausage, bacon, cranberry and stuffing in mayonnaise. This is sure to add a festive feel to any sandwich menu.

Finally, our best-selling new product of the year was John Morley Premium Mincemeat. This sumptuous mincemeat is quickly becoming a customer favourite and, luckily, we still have stocks for you to make mince pies right up until the last minute; look out for this month’s offer.

So, there we have it, the best of 2019; we will see you in January for a whole new set of fantastic products!

Dan Watson, Purchasing Manager

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